Introducing a Lamborghini for the Same Price as a Ford…

If you were offered a Lamborghini for the same price as a Ford which one would you choose?

Obviously it’s a ridiculous question yet in my world, luxury real estate, I watch people choose the Ford over the Lamborghini time and time again.

What do I mean?

If you are selling your home on the French Riviera it means choosing an agent with very little experience in selling luxury homes, no proven track record, virtually no clue on how to attract highly qualified International buyers and no idea on how to set the owner’s home apart from the hundreds of competing homes on the market. And if they happen to get lucky and find a potential buyer (even blind squirrels find a nut from time to time) they blow the opportunity because they do not understand all the complex  steps of taking a potential buyer from the initial interest stage all the way through to negotiating a sale for the highest price in the shortest possible time.

For buyers seeking a home in the South of France, it means contacting a different agent for each different property you are interested in. It means explaining over and over again what it is you are searching for in a property. And good luck if you happen to call on a weekend or in the evening. Just leave a message and hope you get a return call.

Then when they do finally arrive in France to visit properties you get dragged around wasting day after day looking at homes that don’t even come close to what you described. And if you are trying to be efficient by visiting some homes between 12-2pm – good luck! Working during the 2 hour lunch break is almost sacrilegious to the average French agent. And by the way you probably will need to squeeze in every visit possible because if you ask them how many properties they have on their books they will gladly brag to you that they have hundreds whereas a professional focuses on quality vs quantity.

To use my analogy, the above scenarios are the ‘Ford’ agent. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ford products. I just wouldn’t choose one for a race when I could have a Lamborghini for the same price.

A truly professional agent on the other hand is as different to the amateur agent described above as a Lamborghini is to a Ford. Yes they are both cars and yes both of them in theory could get you from point A to point B, but the experience will be totally different. One will be exciting, pleasant and even fun at times whilst avoiding all the potential hazards which litter the French real estate landscape. The other vehicle will plod along and possibly get you over the finish line, but most likely you will ‘crash and burn’ along the way and end up disappointed and frustrated.

In France the agency fee is fairly standard and built into the selling price of a home. Amazingly the fee is the same regardless of whether the agent is a seasoned professional with many years of  International experience negotiating the sale and purchase of hundreds of properties, or an agent who has very little or no training, experience and knowledge and most likely struggles with the English language on top of that.

So whether you are seeking, or selling, a property in the South of France, ask yourself which you prefer for the same price – a Ford or a Lamborghini?

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Luxury Property Expert
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