What Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Apple

screenshot-2015-03-01-10-54-09When you are advertising your properties for sale, do you sell the steak or the sizzle?

As agents we tend to focus far too much on the technical details of a home, and not enough on the emotional aspects. It is emotions that sell properties and never the technical details.

For example, no one buys a home because it has a 10 x 15 living room. Instead they imagine all the space they have for their friends and family to enjoy an evening together. Or they picture how much fun the children will have playing on the large floor space. These are all emotional triggers.

So what’s the most effective way to illicit an emotional response to a property ad? Imagery! The more stunning your lead photo is, the more chance a prospective buyer will read the ad, and call.

If Apple can sell an incredibly complex piece of technology using stunning imagery in their advertising, why can’t agents?  With over 90% of potential buyers beginning their search online, great photos are more important then ever. Perhaps yo can even use your new iPhone?

William McIntosh sells luxury homes in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, one of the most exciting and competitive luxury markets in the world.

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