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Just How Scary Can Listing Appointments Be For New Agents?

So just how scared was I going on listing appointments as a new agent? Well let’s see. On a scale of 1 to 10, #1 feeling super cool and confident and #10 being¬†‘lost in the forest at night with the ‘Blair Witch’¬†… I was somewhere around 10.5. The pressure I felt was tremendous. First of […]

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What I Wish I Would Have Learned Earlier In My Career…

Remember this great line from George in the Seinfeld series when he was breaking up with his girlfriend? So what does this have to do with one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned? I can sum up the answer in just one word – MARKETING. Yes one of my biggest lessons I wish I would […]

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What Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Apple

When you are advertising your properties for sale, do you sell the steak or the sizzle? As agents we tend to focus far too much on the technical details of a home, and not enough on the emotional aspects. It is emotions that sell properties and never the technical details. For example, no one buys […]

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